Reviews Management

The key to building local trust online is reviews. Google Reviews in particular hold significant weight for online reputation. They are plainly visible underneath your Google Maps listing as well as on your Google My Business profile. Other reviews can have influence as well. Facebook, Yelp, and Home Advisor often show up on organic search results with an aggregate star rating of your company beneath it. helps you generate reviews for all of these platforms. We even have our very own plugin (Righteous Reviews) that helps streamline the reviews management process for each client.

We Help Generate Reviews

Editors Monitor Online Reviews

Editors Check Google Reviews

helps you generate reviews with our Righteous Reviews plugin. Not only does this plugin go directly onto your website which allows visitors to leave reviews on Google or Facebook straight from your homepage, but it also sets up text and email reminders to recent customers. Contractors must do their part by asking in person, but the text and email reminders are usually what seal the deal. Most customers forget to leave the review, so the reminder increases the completion rate by 45%. Here’s how our plugin helps generate reviews:

  • Customer Convenience: Since the review portal is directly on your site, it’s simple for the customer
  • Text Follow Up Reminders: Customers will receive reminders via text message on their mobile device

Customer Review Platforms

Google is not the only review platform you should worry about. We mentioned Facebook, Home Advisor & Yelp as others. There’s even more. Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau & TrustPilot are others that contractors should be aware of. helps generate reviews on each platform first and foremost by ensuring NAP consistency. If customers can find your business online, they have completed the first step to organically leaving feedback. As we noted, Righteous Reviews (the website plugin) will help with Google & Facebook reviews. Let’s take a look at the full list of major review platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Home Advisor
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Trust Pilot

Google Write a Review Screenshot

Responding to Negative Reviews

If a dissatisfied customer leaves a bad review on Google or Facebook, we will notify you ASAP and allow you an opportunity to respond. It is ideal to respond to negative reviews because it shows prospective customers that you actually care about complaints and also that you are willing to correct any mistakes. Don’t become overly concerned with the possibility of bad reviews. As long as you are generating positive feedback, the volume should outweigh a few bad apples. The important thing is to respond professionally and leave a good impression of yourself online. Follow these principles:

  • Be Professional: Don’t get heated with the angry customer, but instead use calm language and resist inciting further conflict
  • Seek Resolution: Try to find a common ground with the customer and see if a possible resolution exists

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